#YearofCOVID: Patients Look Back

COVID-19 swept into Southern California a year ago, a silent and forbidding foe that randomly upended the lives of patients young and old, hearty and frail, ready or not. Some survivors can recall every detail of their illnesses, while others say that memories of days spent on a ventilator or in a fog of fever are irretrievable. Loneliness was their constant, and often only, companion.

Johns Hopkins Medicine Hosts Briefing on COVID-19: One Year Later

A Woman’s Journey will host a 90-minute virtual event, “COVID-19: One Year Later,” during which Johns Hopkins Medicine experts will address important issues related to COVID-19 such as new and available treatments and vaccine safety and efficacy. Registrants will learn about the continued urgency of public health measures to mitigate the pandemic despite the introduction of vaccines, what distinguishes the leading vaccine contenders in their methodology, safety and effectiveness, and symptoms and insights surrounding lingering deficits in physical function, mental health and cognition among COVID-19 survivors.