Pickleball Courts in a Legal Pickle #ASA186

As communities are flooded with pickleball courts to satiate the hunger for the snack-named game, HOAs and city councils face litigation by those whose lives are disrupted by pickleball’s din. The sport is uniquely noisy due to the hard paddles and balls, and the popping sound the game produces is sharp and persistent. Charles Leahy used his legal expertise and mechanical engineering experience to investigate how communities respond to the pickleball problem. Leahy will present his findings and recommendations for limiting pickleball noise at the 186th ASA Meeting.

Noise Survey Highlights Need for New Direction at Canadian Airports #ASA186

At the Toronto Pearson International Airport, airplane traffic dropped by 80% in the first few months of lockdown during the COVID-19 pandemic., and in early 2020, the NVH-SQ Research Group out of the University of Windsor surveyed residents living around the airport to gauge how their annoyance levels changed with the reduction in noise.

Analyzing Androgynous Characteristics in an Emperor Penguin Courtship Call #ASA186

In the emperor penguin courtship call, male vocalizations are composed of long, slow bursts with lower frequency tones than the female version. But calls of SeaWorld San Diego male penguin E-79 defied this binary. Also unusual was this penguin’s male companion, E-81. The pair “kept company” and sometimes exhibited ritual courtship displays.