Rising Insulin Costs Forcing Families with Diabetes to Forego Basic Needs – @UofUHealth @uofunursing Expert Available

New research by Michelle Litchman, Ph.D., FNP-BC, an assistant professor at the University of Utah College of Nursing is showing just how bad that rising out of pocket costs and deductibles, along with escalating costs of diabetes medications and supplies, has made it for families.

Many people with diabetes and their families are having to forgo basic needs, such as reliable food, clothing, transportation, and shelter in order to pay for diabetes care. Kids aren’t getting clothes, shoes. Participants experienced higher financial distress compared to the general population. Higher financial distress was associated with reduced self-management behaviors, such as skipping glucose checks or medication doses, and rationing medication doses.

“Many people living with diabetes and their families are experiencing a death or debt dilemma, being forced to choose between purchasing tools necessary for diabetes care and basic needs,” said Litchman. Among other things, she and her team of researchers identified a grassroots underground exchange system of trading, borrowing and purchasing diabetes medications and supplies as a solution to the rising cost of diabetes care.

Listen to Dr. Litchman talk about the issue on The Scope Radio.


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