Researchers Explore COVID-19’s Effect on Pregnancy

Article title: Pregnancy and COVID-19

Authors: Elizabeth A.N. Wastnedge, Rebecca M. Reynolds, Sara R. van Boeckel, Sarah J. Stock, Fiona Denison, Jacqueline A. Maybin, Hilary O.D. Critchley

From the authors: “From the current evidence base, it is difficult to draw absolute conclusions on whether pregnant women are at increased risk of severe consequences of COVID-19. Most women will experience mild or asymptomatic disease with no lasting consequences, however some centres have seen increased rates of ICU admission and need for mechanical ventilation in pregnant women. The lack of granular population level data makes identification of risk factors, and the definitive comparison of pregnant and non-pregnant cohorts impossible….Researchers should be urged to consider inclusion of pregnant women and other underrepresented groups to create a balanced and informed evidence base with data from a representative population.”