NurseSims Kit: A Medical Procedure Training Kit for Nursing Students by Chulalongkorn University’s Faculty of Education

A lecturer at the Faculty of Education, Chulalongkorn University recently developed the “NurseSims Kit,” an innovative simulation learning kit to train nursing students in performing medical procedures, enhancing their professional competency and digital intelligence.

During the COVID-19 pandemic, online learning may have been useful for classes in many areas of study. However, in the fields requiring practical training, e.g., in medicine and nursing, which call for practices in medical procedures such as injection or needle insertion, how would students go about their practical training?

This conundrum inspired Assoc. Prof. Dr. Prakob Koraneekij, a lecturer at the Department of Educational Technology and Communications, Faculty of Education, Chulalongkorn University, to design and develop the NurseSims Kit,” an innovative tool to assist nursing students in practicing medical proceduresThe success of the simulation kit and application is certified by several international awards, including the Gold Medal from the International Invention Innovation Competition in Canada, iCAN 2022, and a bronze medal from the 2022 Japan Design, Idea and Invention Expo (JDIE 2022).

“Nowadays, technology provides a lot of help in education. In medicine and nursing, in particular, technology allows for virtual training of certain skills through simulations. This enhances the professional potential and digital literacy to the students.”

Beyond the Limitations of Nursing Training

Regarding the limitations of online learning in the nursing field during the pandemic which inspired the innovation of the “NurseSims Kit,” Assoc. Prof. Dr. Prakob explained, “Normally in medical procedure practices, nursing students will practice in a laboratory with a teacher closely supervising them and providing feedback. However, with online learning, observing and checking the accuracy of the students’ procedures became difficult. Getting many students together was also impossible.”

“Although classes are now back on campus, practicing medical procedures still face limitations due to the high cost of nursing laboratories, as well as the tools and equipment used in the training. Some institutions that offer a nursing program cannot afford to provide sufficient equipment for students to practice.

NurseSims Kit , therefore, not only offers a solution to online learning, but also serves the purpose of reducing the cost of learning equipment.  

NurseSims Kit: A Nursing Training Companion in the Digital Age

Joining AssocProfDrPrakob in designing and developing the perfect NurseSims Kit was AsisstProfDrSresuda Wongwiseskul, Dean of the Faculty of Nursing, Suan Dusit University, who provided information on nursing skills trainingSuan Dusit University is also where the NurseSims Kit was implemented in a real training.

The NurseSims Kit consists of a sensor-embedded model and an application. The lessons include 5 simulated tasks for students to practice, which are

  1. intramuscular injection
  2. intravenous injection  
  3. sodium chloride injection  
  4. respiratory system checkup  
  5. cardiovascular checkup

“When nursing students practice medical procedures on the model, the sensors in the model will relay the performance to the application. The teachers can examine the practices right away or later as the information is stored on the app. It also allows the teachers to discuss the practice results with other students in the class,” Assoc. Prof. Dr. Prakob added                                 

The NurseSims Kit received a test run in the practical training of the Faculty of Nursing, Suan Dusit University, in the academic year 2021. The innovation was well-received both in terms of students’ practice reports and socially distanced learning, giving confidence to Assoc. Prof. Dr. Prakob regarding the usefulness of the NurseSims Kit for other nursing institutions.       

The Future of Learning Technology

Assoc. Prof. Dr. Prakob said the NurseSims Kit is one example of an integrated and innovative educational technology. In the future, there needs to be more developments for diverse professions and learning types, especially in the fields of medicine, nursing, and public health, which require accurate and continuous training of specific skills.

“In future projects, I plan to apply educational technology principles to other sciences, such as medicine or languages, to further enhance learning,” added Assoc. Prof. Dr. Prakob.


Institutions interested in the NurseSims Kit can request for more information from Associate Professor Dr. Prakob Koraneekij, Department of Educational Technology and Communications, and Head of the Center of Excellence in Educational Inventions and Innovations, Faculty of Education, Chulalongkorn University, at [email protected]