IAFNS Looks Ahead at Third Anniversary to More Actionable Science, Data-Sharing

Washington D.C. – The Institute for the Advancement of Food and Nutrition Sciences (IAFNS) launched three years ago and saw both growth in new members and actionable science.

Over the last three years IAFNS has supported 70 peer-reviewed scientific papers, earned over 1,138 media mentions of that science, and gained thousands of social media followers. In addition, IAFNS webinars have reached over 30,600 professionals in government, industry, academia and other stakeholder groups.

In 2023 IAFNS expanded public and private sector membership, catalyzed science that matters and embraced the next generation of scientists with Summer Research Opportunity Fellowships.

IAFNS Executive Director Dr. Wendelyn Jones and her staff published 10 Op-Eds on topics as diverse as food safety and Corporate Social Responsibility reporting, the food matrix, transparency and data access. This media coverage and thought leadership demonstrates IAFNS ongoing relevance and agility in the dynamic food and beverage ecosystem.

IAFNS created new ways to meet future opportunities by hosting its third Science Innovation Showcase in December 2023 highlighting the U.S. Federal Trade Commission’s Health Products Compliance Guidance, U.S. FDA’s emerging Front-of-Pack labelling proposals and a session on Health Canada’s plans to address food marketing to children. The event featured timely presentations from e-commerce experts, a science storyteller, and others across the United States including technical presentations from young scientists from Canada, Sri Lanka and Pakistan.

In 2023 IAFNS doubled down on its core values of scientific integrity centered on transparency, collaboration and public benefit. The organization’s leadership in these areas has been recognized by securing a Platinum Seal of Transparency from GuideStar at Candid — a recognition achieved by fewer than 1 percent of nonprofits. IAFNS-supported scientists also adhere to the TOP guidelines as a signatory to the Center for Open Science — demonstrating our active shepherding of this commitment.

According to IAFNS’ Dr. Wendelyn Jones, “The past three years have consolidated IAFNS as an organization that catalyzes actionable science in support of public health. We’re pleased to report over a 20% increase in new supporting members to IAFNS as we continue building science-driven programs to back evidence-based decision-making by all sectors.”

Mark your calendars as we will be hosting the IAFNS Annual Summer Science Symposium on June 4-5 in Washington, D.C at the National Press Club. The event is proving to be a unique gathering of scientific and regulatory experts where connections are made and collaborations are formed to drive positive change. More details to come here.

For more on how you can engage with IAFNS, follow us on LinkedIn, sign-up for our Science Briefs, and visit our events page to learn about upcoming nutrition and food safety events and webinars. Learn more about joining IAFNS here.

The Institute for the Advancement of Food and Nutrition Sciences (IAFNS) is committed to leading positive change across the food and beverage ecosystem. IAFNS is a 501(c)(3) science-focused nonprofit uniquely positioned to mobilize government, industry and academia to drive, fund and lead actionable research. iafns.org

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