Sunscreen Label Guide – Avoid Harmful Chemicals

As moms look for the best way to protect their children from the sun this summer, many are concerned about recent studies showing harmful chemicals in sunscreen are being absorbed into the bloodstream. Sunscreen is still key for preventing skin cancer, and there are some helpful tips to help consumers make better choices.

Endocrine Society member, Laura N. Vandenberg, PhD, of University of Massachusetts Amherst researches this topic and can offer more insight into:  

  • Top chemicals to avoid on sunscreen labels and why mineral-based options are better (see attached graphic)
  • Harmful effects of endocrine-disrupting chemicals (EDCs) in sunscreen and who is at highest risk 
  • What still needs to be done on the regulation front to create safer products    

Please contact me at or 202-971-3611 today if you’d like to speak with Dr. Vandenberg. We also created the attached graphic to serve as a sunscreen label guide for consumers. Feel free to incoporate it into any relevant stories.

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