Orthopaedic Surgeon Speaks to the Importance of Preparing Your Home for Joint Replacement Surgery

ROSEMONT, Ill. (January 30, 2023)—With almost 1.25 million hip and knee replacement surgeries performed in the United States[i], joint replacement surgery is one of the most common orthopaedic procedures performed today. The recovery period following an orthopaedic surgery usually involves many important steps and processes that will determine your long-term health and mobility.

Orthopaedic surgeon and AAOS spokesperson Jared R.H. Foran, MD, FAAOS, is available to speak about:

  • When patients should consider joint replacement surgery;
  • The process for undergoing total joint replacement surgery;
  • Tips to help patients and caregivers get a home ready for post-surgery;
  • What patients can do to improve recovery time.

“Joint replacement can help relieve pain and enable you to live a fuller, more active life,” said Jared R.H. Foran, MD, FAAOS. “It is important to talk to your orthopaedic surgeon about how to prepare for joint replacement surgery and what the recovery period involves. Planning ahead for the of surgery and recovery will help ensure a more successful outcome.”

The AAOS offers information at OrthoInfo.org to help patients and families prepare for the physical, psychological and social aspects of joint replacement surgery. To schedule an interview with Dr. Foran, email [email protected].


[i] Agency for Healthcare Research and Quality. HCUP Fast Stats Data Tools | AHRQ Data Tools. Accessed January 25, 2023. https://datatools.ahrq.gov/hcup-fast-stats