New B.C. Self-Screening Program Will Improve Accessibility of Cervical Cancer Testing

The launch of British Columbia’s province-wide program offering the first-ever option to self-screen for HPV in Canada will enhance access to cervical cancer screening for women and individuals with a cervix. Offering a more convenient, accessible way to screen for HPV, the leading cause of cervical cancer, is a monumental step towards eliminating preventable cervical cancer deaths in B.C.

February 13th – 17th is Sexual and Reproductive Health Awareness Week. Two CIHR-funded researchers are available to discuss the significance of regular HPV screening to prevent cervical cancer, how it works, and how the program eliminates barriers that previously prevented people from getting traditional testing.

  • Mandana Vahabi studies health equity and social determinants of health with a focus on cancer screening and the promotion of HPV self-sampling.
  • Talía Malagón’s work focuses on understanding the predictors of HPV transmission between sexual partners, risk factors for cervical precancer, and cervical cancer screening.
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