Urologic Cancer Expert Brings Latest Science to NYU Langone Hospital–Brooklyn

Prostate cancer is one of the most common cancers in men, but it is also one of the most treatable when discovered early. To lead NYU Langone Hospital–Brooklyn’s efforts in the early detection of prostate and urinary cancers, Mohit Gupta, MD, has been appointed director of urologic oncology.

Gupta, a board-certified urologic oncologist highly trained in the use of advanced detection technology and minimally invasive robotic surgery, recently completed the prestigious Warburton and Jewett Fellowship in Urologic Oncology at the Brady Urology Institute at Johns Hopkins Hospital in Baltimore, Maryland. As part of the fellowship, he underwent comprehensive two-year multidisciplinary training on the latest methods in diagnosing and managing urologic malignancies, including the safest, most effective surgical techniques.

Prostate cancer is the most common cancer among men, with more than 150,000 cases diagnosed per year in the United States. In Brooklyn, there are nearly 1,500 new prostate cancer diagnoses each year, and Gupta hopes to apply the latest scientific breakthroughs in caring for those patients.

“Prostate cancer is entirely treatable when the latest techniques in early detection are applied,” says Gupta. “The key is to visit the doctor regularly and have access to technologies such as multiparametric MRI and advanced 3-D imaging, which we are fortunate to have at NYU Langone.”

Gupta, who is proficient in laparoscopic and robotic-assisted techniques, can more easily target trouble spots on the prostate using state-of-the-art imaging devices such as the Artemis, which combines computerized ultrasound and diagnostic MRI imaging to pinpoint suspicious areas of the prostate. The da Vinci Xi, the most advanced robotic surgical system available, delivers unmatched surgical effectiveness and safety even for complex procedures.

Gupta is highly trained in the detection and treatment of kidney and bladder cancers. He is currently studying certain indicators of renal tumors that may show if a growth is benign or malignant. “There are certain biomarkers in the blood and urine that may indicate if a tumor is a cancer or not,” says Gupta. “We are trying to definitively identify those biomarkers to determine if surgery is then required.”   

“Dr. Gupta adds to the top-tier talent in Brooklyn and brings the most up-to-date knowledge in the fight against cancers throughout the renal system,” says Frederick Gulmi, MD, chief of urology at NYU Langone Hospital–Brooklyn.

Gupta received his medical degree from Thomas Jefferson University in Philadelphia and a dual bachelor’s degree in chemistry and political science from Emory College in Atlanta. He completed his urology residency at the University of Florida. He has co-authored more than 20 peer-reviewed studies in the areas of diagnostic and surgical urology, including in the use of robotic-assisted surgical techniques in treating prostate cancer. His research pursuits will continue in coordination with NYU School of Medicine and the Perlmutter Cancer Center.

To learn more about NYU Langone Hospital–Brooklyn or to schedule an appointment, visit nyulangone.org.

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