University of Delaware civil engineering professor offers implications of the collapse of Baltimore’s Key Bridge

The early morning collapse of Baltimore’s Francis Scott Key Bridge is leaving experts and area residents alike in disbelief.

Michael Chajes, a professor in the civil and environmental engineering department at the University of Delaware, is the go to person to speak on what happened and what this means for the future of this bridge.

Chajes’s expertise includes forensic engineering, specifically unearthing the root causes of engineering failures, such as bridge collapses. He has participated in the evaluation and testing of numerous major bridges and structures including the Brooklyn-Queens Expressway, Ben Franklin Bridge, Chesapeake City Bridge, Lock Gates on the Erie Canal and several historic trusses and polymer composite bridges.

He is also the former Delaware Engineer of the Year.

He is a civil engineer and has been speaking to the likes of CNN today about this bridge collapse. He is available and ready to chat if you’d like to connect with him.

Chajes has been speaking with networks like CNN about the bridge collapse and is available for comment.

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