Tempo Therapeutics Announces Appointment of Eric I. Richman to Board of Directors

SAN DIEGOJune 5, 2024 /PRNewswire/ — Tempo Therapeutics, Inc. (“Tempo”), a leading innovator in tissue engineering and regenerative medicine, today announced the addition of Eric I. Richman, MBA to its board of directors.

“We are delighted to have Eric join the board at Tempo. His extensive strategic and operational experience paired with his proven track record of success in leading commercial and development stage companies make him a strong addition to our Board of Directors,” stated Westbrook Weaver, Ph.D., Tempo’s Chief Executive Officer and Founder. “After the recent close of our oversubscribed Series A round, Tempo advances its synthetic tissue scaffold candidates based on the revolutionary Microporous Annealed Particle (MAP) technology platform into clinical trials, and the addition of Mr. Richman will maximize the chance for success and value.”

Eric has a long-standing and successful career in life sciences. Eric began his career in biopharma venture capital at HealthCare Ventures and served in key leadership roles in various biotech and pharma services companies including MedImmune, Lev Pharma, ADMA Biologics, Gain Therapeutics and LabConnect. He currently serves on the boards of various biotech companies and is an advisor to venture capital and private equity firms.

Marty Sands of Galaxy-Sirius Partners (a lead investor in Tempo’s Series A financing) said, “Upon closing the Tempo Series A round, we had the responsibility to appoint a board member. Our first selection was Eric Richman due to his vast, impressive, and successful bio-science experiences. Tempo has a complex patented technology with the potential to revolutionize internal surgical outcomes. We view it as highly disruptive and revolutionary, and a person with Eric’s deep understanding of complex scientific solutions can add tremendous value to a company that may have the key to significantly improving surgical outcomes in multiple areas. It is our view that Eric has the biotechnology experiences to aid in developing and commercializing Tempo’s transformative technology as the upcoming clinical data begins to come in.”

About MAP Technology:

The Microporous Annealed Particle (MAP) technology is a first-in-class volumetric injectable porous scaffolding for regenerative medicine. The MAP technology enables Tempo to repurpose established hydrogel polymer components with strong safety profiles by assembling them into a hyper-porous, flowable scaffold format. MAP-based products immediately allow tissue ingrowth and integration upon application. Tissue implants using MAP technology are able to evade the typical inflammatory and scar-forming Foreign Body Response (FBR) and instead promote a regenerative immune response that leads to accelerated formation of vascularized tissue volume.

About Tempo Therapeutics

Tempo Therapeutics is a privately held, clinical-stage technology company pioneering the future of tissue engineering. The Company is leveraging its patented Microporous Annealed Particle (MAP) technology platform with a mission to harness the power of immunomodulation and material science to transform the landscape of medical technology by developing new synthetic biomaterials for use in a variety of surgical reconstruction and therapeutic regenerative applications.

For more information about Tempo Therapeutics and its innovative MAP technology platform, please visit www.tempothera.com.

Forward- Looking Statements

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