Leaping Lizards! It’s the latest research news on Dinosaurs and other prehistoric creatures in the Dinosaur channel

Here are some of the latest research articles on Dinosaurs and other prehistoric creatures in the Dinosaurs channel on Newswise. Don’t forget about the general Paleontology channel here. 

Jurassic ichthyosaurs divided food resources to co-exist, researchers find

What caused the holes in SUE the T. rex’s jaw? Probably not an infection

Chinese fossil eggs show dinosaur decline before extinction

Researchers discover extinct prehistoric reptile that lived among dinosaurs

60 million years of climate change drove the evolution and diversity of reptiles

All the better to better eat you with – dinosaurs evolved different eye socket shapes to allow stronger bites

Prehistoric podiatry: How dinos carried their enormous weight

The speed at which spinosaurid dinosaur teeth were replaced accounts for their overabundance in Cretaceous sites

Cold Temperatures Paved the Way for T. Rex

A New Giant Dinosaur Gives Insight Into Why Many Prehistoric Meat-Eaters Had Such Tiny Arms

Dinosaurs Took Over Amid Ice, Not Warmth, Says a New Study of Ancient Mass Extinction

 Triassic Revolution: Animals Grew Back Faster and Smarter After Mass Extinction