Dual Color Multiplex Lateral Flow Assay for Food Intolerance

Dual Color Multiplex Lateral Flow Assay for Food Intolerance

July 24, 2019 | SCIENION US, Inc. Booth #1579

Food allergies represent an increasingly significant health issue around the world.  Over 160 foods are known to cause allergic reactions in humans.  The U.S. Food & Drug Administration (FDA) has identified 8 food groups that are responsible for 90 percent of clinically defined (IgE-mediated) acute food allergies. 

In this study, a lateral flow based multiplex immunoassay was developed to measure the levels of IgE (allergy) and IgG (food intolerance) in patients with known food allergies.  Food protein extracts were printed onto nitrocellulose membrane strips in an array format (LFM-lateral flow microarray). Subsequently, undiluted plasma from patients was applied and their food specific IgE and IgG profiles determined in a single conjugate pad. Various LFM formats were evaluated.

Multiplex  & Miniaturized Lateral Flow Tests for Multianalyte Detection

Based on traditional production technology, conventional LFAs rely on lines (control and test lines) arranged perpendicular to the flow direction. Since this design has a limitation in multiplex degree and the possibility of depletion and inadvertent interferences of assay components in multiparametric tests, there is a need for advanced array-based lateral flow assay layouts.

SCIENION technology provides high precision and high reproducibility deposition of low volume into any surface, including nitrocellulose-based membranes. SCIENION dispensing systems, sciFLEXARRAYERs, enable miniaturization and multiplexing of classic lateral flow tests to achieve multianalyte detection.

Here, we report on the development of LFM for the assessment of food allergy (IgE-mediated) and food intolerance (IgG-related). Food protein extracts were first deposited with sciFLEXARRAYER onto nitrocellulose membrane as an array and subsequently incorporated into a standard LF format for testing.

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