With #HurricaneDorian’s approach comes the threat of power loss, which can disrupt transportation and put lives at risk. @JohnsHopkins engineer Umesh Korde suggests that harnessing energy from ocean waves can help restore power more quickly.

As Hurricane Dorian threatens to strike Florida, officials are beginning to prepare for its potential impact on electricity, building infrastructure, transportation and more. 

Umesh Korde, a research professor in the Department of Environmental Health and Engineering at The Johns Hopkins University, suggests that mobile, floating generators that harness the power of the ocean’s waves to create energy, could be a solution. 

Korde has published peer-reviewed research on this topic and is available for interviews about new ways to get power grids back online more quickly after a natural disaster such as Hurricane Dorian.

scraped from https://www.newswise.com/articles/with-hurricanedorian-s-approach-comes-the-threat-of-power-loss-which-can-disrupt-transportation-and-put-lives-such-as-those-in-medical-facilities-at-risk-johnshopkins-engineer-umesh-korde-suggests-that-harnessing-energy-from-ocean-waves-can-help-restore-p

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