Who’s ready for the holidays? E-commerce, package delivery experts available for your holiday shopping stories

Georgia Tech has experts who can help with your coverage of the unusual 2020 holiday shopping season.

They can talk about online shopping, supply chains, the logistics of getting goods to consumers, and how retailers are facing this season, among other topics.

Michael Buchanan – marketing, digital strategy, and online marketing

Buchanan teaches undergraduate and MBA courses in marketing with a focus on digital/online marketing channels. He also actively consults in the field of digital marketing and technology with an emphasis on digital strategy, lead generation, customer retention, social media marketing, digital brand creation, integrated marketing communications planning, buyer path analysis, and team leadership.

Alejandro Toriello – supply chain management, logistics, e-commerce, parcel delivery

Toriello’s current work focuses on:

  • e-commerce, same-day delivery, parcel delivery, and agricultural supply chains.
  • management of the “last mile” in same-day and e-commerce; this is the distribution process that delivers a product to the end customer from its last storage point.
  • sorting centers, where parcels coming from various origins are sorted so they can be shipped to their destinations.

Tim Halloran – consumer-brand relationship

Halloran is a classically trained consumer marketer. He has built, directed, and consulted with some of the world’s largest brands, including Coca-Cola brands, Home Depot, Kraft Foods, Procter & Gamble, Delta Airlines, glaceau (vitaminwater and smartwater), Vita Coco, the NBA, and Turner Broadcasting System.

Yu “Jeffrey” Hu – business analytics, social media, e-commerce, mobile commerce

Hu is an expert on big data, business analytics, electronic commerce, mobile commerce, offline commerce, social media, consumer behavior, and online advertising. His research uses econometric, machine learning, and analytical models to study consumer behaviors in environments such as electronic commerce, omni-channel retailing, offline commerce, social media, mobile apps, fintech, and healthcare.