What is Brain Death? What are the Ethical Issues Surrounding it? How is Conflict Handled?

What is Brain Death? What are the Ethical Issues Surrounding it? How is Conflict Handled? Medical, legal and religious experts weigh in on these issues and more at a Stony Brook Medicine Symposium about Ethical Decision Making and Brain Death

How is brain death defined? What are the legal aspects of declaring brain death? How can professional and family conflicts surrounding brain death be handled? What are the solutions to ethical decision making in brain death? Answers to these questions and others will be addressed at a symposium about brain death on August 6 from 8:30 am to 4:00 pm when leading medical, legal and religious experts come together at Stony Brook University for a unique program to discuss brain death. 

Panel discussions and sessions are designed to provide the latest information that articulates multiple viewpoints in an effort to seek compassionate answers to difficult medical, cultural, religious and ethical circumstances and include:

  • Case Presentations Surrounding Ethical Challenges in Brain Death
  • Honoring Religious and Cultural Beliefs
  • Ethical Dilemmas and Determination in Brain Death in Neonates and Children
  • Legal Aspects of Declaring Brain Death When a Family is Resistant
  • Brain Death: Concepts and Controversies
  • When Does the Soul Leave? Spiritual Dimension of Brain Death

 If you would like to cover the symposium or speak with Stony Brook Medicine experts, please contact Stony Brook’s media relations office at 631-632-6310; email lauren.sheprow@stonybrook.edu.

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