University of Northern Colorado Associate Professor Nick Pullen Provides Expertise on COVID-19 Vaccinations

Nick Pullen, Ph.D., an associate professor of Biological Sciences at the University of Northern Colorado (UNC), provides expertise regarding the topic of COVID-19 vaccinations and immunity. 

Pullen’s research centers around the body’s immune response, specifically chronic inflammation, asthma and allergies. His research focuses on discovering the dysfunctional molecular signals and circuitry causing cells to become bad actors, and why some people are more prone to these problems than others.

Pullen is also a member of The American Association of Immunologist’s Education Committee where he works with others in educating the public about the benefits of receiving COVID-19 vaccinations. 

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He is available to talk via phone, email or video conferencing. Please contact Katie Corder, UNC’s public relations strategist, for interview inquires at