Understanding nitrogen removal processes from wastewater

Increased demand for water also leads to an increase in wastewater production. Nitrogen compounds which accumulate in wastewater as by-products of human activity allow algae to grow in such aquatic environments. As demand for water exceeds the immediate supplies, there is a need to recycle wastewater to replenish water supplies in order to alleviate the burden of the water demand.

Edris Hoseinzadeh, through his recently edited book, Nitrogen Removal Processes for Wastewater Treatment, explains how nitrogen compounds can be easily and efficiently removed from wastewater. Hoseinzadeh reviews the nitrogen compounds that are chiefly found in wastewater, then explains different methods to remove these compounds. These methods include conventional methods (electrochemical methods, adsorption, ion exchange), biological methods (denitrification and the anammox process), and new bioelectrochemical techniques (microbial fuel cells and associated systems). The book also includes notes on factors that control these novel denitrification processes and operating parameters for practical application of these systems in wastewater treatment facilities.

Industrial and Environmental engineers as well as students learning about wastewater management and industrial denitrification will gain new knowledge in an environmental friendly perspective from the topics presented in this new book.


About The Editor:

Dr. Edris Hoseinzadeh received his PhD from the Tarbiat Modares University (TMU) in Environmental Health Engineering. He is presently working as a faculty member at the Saveh University of medical sciences. Prior to this, he was a faculty member of Environmental Health Engineering department at the Lorestan University of Medical sciences (LUMS). During this time in LUMS, he was the Co-chairman of the department and Nutritional Health Research Center (NHRC). He established his own scientific journal in 2016, HOZAN Journal of Environmental Sciences, and he is an editor in chief of the journal. He is active in environmental-related research having 4 patents and over 70 publications in national and international refereed journals and has also authored six books about health, environmental analysis, disinfectants and electrochemical process for water and wastewater treatment. He received the best young researcher in 2012- 2013 from multi academic centers (Hamedan University of Medical sciences, LUMS, Mazandaran University of Medical Sciences and Iranian Association of Environmental Health (IAEH)). He received PhD scholarship from Iran’s National Elites Foundation during 2016 and 2018.


Wastewater treatment, Bio Electrochemical System, Microbial Electrolysis Cell, nitrogen removal, enzymatic fuel cells, nitrification-denitrification, environmental engineering, water recycling

This part of information is sourced from https://www.eurekalert.org/pub_releases/2019-08/bsp-unr082319.php

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