U-M researcher on post-surgery opioid use weighs in on J&J ruling

Joceline Vu, a resident in the U-M Department of General Surgery, researches the use of opioids to treat acute pain. She recently co-authored a study that showed physicians at 43 Michigan hospitals cut opioid prescriptions by a third following surgery.


“This case means that in the future the pharmaceutical companies will have to think twice about being transparent about the risk to patients. That said, no one entity is to blame for the opioid crisis. Pharmaceutical companies, accreditation organizations, clinicians, patients—they all have a role.”

Contact: 703-200-8623, wuj@med.umich.edu

scraped from https://www.newswise.com/articles/u-m-researcher-on-post-surgery-opioid-use-weighs-in-on-jj-ruling

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