The October 2020 Issue of Neurosurgical Focus: Video Demonstrates Neurosurgical Techniques for the Treatment of Pain

Charlottesville, VA (October 1, 2020). The October issue of Neurosurgical Focus: Video (Vol. 3, Issue 2 []) features 16 video articles on surgery for pain. An introduction to the issue is provided by the July topic editors: Jason M. Schwalb, Kim J. Burchiel, Parag G. Patil, and Tipu Z. Aziz.

From the October topic editors,

“This collection represents the breadth of techniques in the neurosurgical treatment of pain, be they microsurgical, percutaneous, ablative, neurophysiologic, and/or neuromodulatory. We are hopeful that these videos, many from pioneers in the field, will be an enduring resource to surgeons wishing to add these procedures to their armamentarium or to further advance their existing techniques.”

The October issue contains the following:

  • “Introduction: Surgery for pain” by Jason M. Schwalb et al.
  • “Microvascular transposition using Teflon sling technique” by Mitchell W. Couldwell et al.
  • “Trigeminal interfascicular neurolysis (nerve combing) for refractory recurrent neuralgia in multiple sclerosis” by Paolo Ferroli et al.
  • “Microvascular decompression for trigeminal neuralgia caused by trigeminocerebellar artery” by Norio Ichimasu et al.
  • “Teflon bridge technique for endoscopic-assisted microvascular decompression of ectatic basilar artery and anterior inferior cerebellar artery for trigeminal neuralgia: operative video and technical nuances” by James K. Liu and Asif Shafiq
  • “Neuromodulation of the lingual nerve: a novel technique” by Kevin Zhao et al.
  • “Peripheral nerve stimulator for terminal sciatic nerve neuromas in an amputee” by Lekhaj C. Daggubati et al.
  • “Dorsal root ganglion stimulation for treatment of complex regional pain syndrome of the foot” by Kevin Hines et al.
  • “Surgical treatment of spasticity: intrathecal baclofen pump implantation under subarachnoid block” by Alba Scerrati et al.
  • “Modified McKenzie procedure for the treatment of fixed painful torticollis” by Zaid Aljuboori et al.
  • “Modified dorsal root entry zone lesioning for pain relief in cervical root avulsion injury” by Keisuke Takai and Makoto Taniguchi
  • “Brachial plexus avulsion neuropathic refractory pain: association of spinal cord stimulation and DREZotomy for complex pain” by Rômulo A. S. Marques et al.
  • “Dorsal root entry zone lesion: nuances of the technique and long-term results” by Stefano Ferraresi et al.
  • “Microsurgical DREZ lesions for the control of cancer-related pain” by Edoardo Mazzucchi et al.
  • “Percutaneous CT-guided cordotomy for pain” by M. Benjamin Larkin et al.
  • “Limited midline myelotomy for visceral pain” by M. Benjamin Larkin et al.
  • “Stereotactic radiofrequency ventral posterolateral thalamotomy for cancer pain” by Abteen Mostofi et al.

Please join us in viewing these incredible video articles on surgery for pain.



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