Sure Bet: UNLV Expert on the Past, Present, and Future of Legalized Sports Wagering

For many fans, sports betting is most associated with the glare of television screens broadcasting every sporting event imaginable in a glitzy casino in Las Vegas — for decades, one of the only places in the U.S. where spectators could legally place wagers. But today, we’re not alone: Since 2018, federal law changes have prompted 36 states to join Nevada in legalizing bets on some of America’s favorite pastimes, and another three could get in the game this year.

University of Florida Professors Constance Shehan and Christine Wegner are available to comment on the impact of Title IX in higher education and sports on the act’s 50th anniversary.

Title IX: 50 years later “I was actually an undergrad in 1972 at Penn State,” said Constance Shehan, a professor emerita in the Sociology and Criminology & Law Department at the University of Florida. “At that time, the ratio of…