This technology could bring the fastest version of 5G to your home and workplace

A new technology developed by electrical engineers at UC San Diego might one day allow more people to have access to 5G connectivity that provides ultra-fast download speeds along with widespread, reliable coverage—all at the same time. The technology enables millimeter wave signals to overcome blockages while providing high throughput.

Detecting, Exploiting Non-Line-of-Sight Paths for Terahertz Signals in Wireless Communications

After developing a link discovery method in 2020 using terahertz radiation, Rice and Brown researchers addressed what would happen if a wall or other reflector creates a non-line-of-sight path from the base station to the receiver. In APL Photonics, they consider two different generic types of transmitters and explore how their characteristics can be used to determine whether an NLOS path contributes to the signal received by the receiver.