Multispecialty Centers that Treat Pediatric Swallowing Disorders Deliver Better Outcomes and Reduced Health Care Costs Compared to Traditional Specialist Visits

Children who choke when they drink or eat may have what’s known as dysphagia, or a swallowing disorder — one of the most common medical complaints seen in young children.

A new study has found that by combining different medical disciplines in one center rather than a typical care journey making appointments one specialist at a time, children had better outcomes, reduced the number of procedures needed, and health care costs were reduced.

PhRMA Foundation Partners with National Health Council to Host First of Its Kind Conference on New Approaches to Value Assessment

The PhRMA Foundation and the National Health Council will host The Next Generation of Value Assessment: Including the Patient Voice on November 12, 2019 in Washington, DC.
The event will bring together leading health economics researchers and patient advocates to discuss moving beyond traditional methods of measuring value in health care.