Medical and Patient Communities Unite to Urge Congress to Stop Bill That Would Impede Patient Access to Essential Diagnostic Tests

AACC joins more than 100 other medical and patient organizations that have expressed concerns about the Senate HELP committee rushing to pass the VALID Act, a bill that would limit patient access to vital laboratory developed tests and the lifesaving diagnoses these tests enable. Specifically, the medical and patient communities urge Congress to remove the VALID Act from the FDASLA Act, a piece of must-pass legislation that the Senate is on the cusp of ratifying.

AACC Calls on Congress to Halt Legislation That Would Hinder Patient Access to Essential Medical Tests

AACC has sent comments to the U.S. Senate Health, Education, Labor & Pensions (HELP) Committee urging the committee not to include the VALID Act in its omnibus Food and Drug Administration (FDA) user fee legislation. VALID would limit the availability of vital laboratory-developed tests, decreasing patient access to life-saving diagnostic tools.