CHIME telescope and collaborative efforts from WVU lead to the detection of more than 500 fast radio bursts

With the help of the radio telescope located at the Dominion Radio Astrophysical Observatory, operated by the National Research Council of Canada, in British Columbia, Canada, the telescope has nearly quadrupled the number of FRB discovered to date.

NASA’s James Webb Space Telescope General Observer Scientific Programs Selected

Mission officials for NASA’s James Webb Space Telescope have announced the selection of the General Observer programs for the telescope’s first year, known as Cycle 1. The 286 selected proposals address a wide variety of science areas, such as seeking to find the first galaxies, exploring the formation of stars, and measuring physical and chemical properties of planetary systems, including our own solar system.

The selection process, conducted by the Telescope Allocation Committee comprised of nearly 200 members of the worldwide astronomical community, spanned several weeks.

‘Bathtub rings’ around Titan’s lakes might be made of alien crystals

New research presented at the 2019 Astrobiology Science Conference in Bellevue, Wa. BELLEVUE, WA –The frigid lakeshores of Saturn’s moon Titan might be encrusted with strange, unearthly minerals, according to new research being presented here. Scientists re-creating Titan-esque conditions in…