GW Experts Presenting at COP27 on “Eco-Smart Inclusive Governance” and Solar Cooking

GW faculty and students will be presenting at the United Nations Climate Change Conference (COP27) in Sharm el-Sheikh, Egypt which runs from Nov. 6-18.  On Nov. 17, GW participants will present their research findings during a panel titled “Eco-Smart Inclusive…

Team Led by Columbia Engineering Wins $26M NSF ERC Grant to Develop Center for Smart Streetscapes

Columbia Engineering, with Florida Atlantic University, Rutgers University, University of Central Florida, and Lehman College, has won an NSF $26 million ERC grant to develop a center for smart streetscapes, focused on making cities more livable, safe, and inclusive. The underlying technologies of the new center will integrate advances in wireless/optical communications, edge/cloud computing, situational awareness, and privacy and security. Critical to its approach, CS3 will balance public data collection with community-defined benefits.

FAU Smart City Project Paves the Way for Forecasting COVID-19 Infection Transmission

Researchers are exploring the untapped potential of emerging smart cities to enable hyper-contextualized computational epidemiology to tackle COVID-19. The idea is to partner with the computational epidemiology community to integrate evidence-based models of COVID-19 transmission with hyper-local mobility data to provide place-specific forecasts of disease transmission. When these tools are integrated into city planning efforts, they will provide real-time insights into how mobility changes within the city affect the local population’s susceptibility to future outbreaks.