BIDMC opens first-of-its-kind Spatial Technologies Unit to Massachusetts’ precision medicine research community

With the goal of dramatically accelerating discoveries in health and disease, Beth Israel Deaconess Medical Center has opened a Spatial Technologies Unit, the first center in Massachusetts and one of the first of its kind worldwide. The new space will provide access to ground-breaking technologies that allow scientists to examine cells as they function within intact tissues. Made possible by a grant from the Massachusetts Life Sciences Center, the BIDMC unit will be a nexus of the state’s precision medicine community, empowering researchers across healthcare, academia, research and industry.

Brexit’s Effect on Research Networks: Lower Local and Global Efficiency, Reorganization of Research Communities

Brexit has affected trade and security, but scientists wanted to know how it might also affect the EU Framework Programmes for Research, known as Horizon 2020. In this week’s Chaos, authors examined a network of 19,200 research organizations to determine how removing U.K. organizations affects three Horizon 2020 programs: Excellent Science, Industrial Leadership and Societal Changes. They looked at percolation theory, and networks were examined in terms of global efficiency, local efficiency and mesoscopic-scale effects.