WVU research finds LGBTQ people face barriers to health care, especially in rural areas

By interviewing researchers and physicians, Zachary Ramsey — a doctoral candidate in the West Virginia University School of Public Health — identified four pressing health issues that sexual and gender minorities face: discrimination, heteronormativity, health care system barriers and the interconnectedness of physical, mental and social health.

University Hospitals Opens Fourth Food for Life Market

University Hospitals opened a fourth Food for Life Market location at UH Conneaut Medical Center. The program will set patients up for success in nutrition and dietary education. The Market is part of a holistic approach to addressing food insecurity and the medical conditions, including chronic health conditions, that are impacted by nutrition and access to healthy food in rural areas and food deserts.

Patients in Arkansas Now Have Increased Access to Affordable, Quality Anesthesia Care

Arkansas patients now have increased access to safe, affordable care with the signing of HB 1198 by Governor Asa Hutchinson. The law removes supervision requirements for nurse anesthetists and grants them the authority to work in consultation with healthcare providers in the delivery of anesthesia.

Research Shows Telehealth is an Important Tool For Rural Hospitals in Treating COVID-19 Patients

A study of 3,268 hospitals in the U.S. shows that rural hospitals are more likely than urban facilities to have access to telehealth, a once-underused service that now is playing a key role in treating coronavirus patients. The research can help U.S. hospitals understand the extent to which they are prepared for another wave of the pandemic.

People flocking to rural areas during COVID-19 pandemic may stretch limited health resources beyond their limit

Those fleeing from major cities like New York to evade the COVID-19 pandemic might stretch already limited rural healthcare resources beyond their limit, says Pamela Stewart Fahs, professor and expert in rural nursing at Binghamton University, State University of New…