American Society of Nephrology Applauds Senate Passage of the Securing the U.S. Organ Procurement and Transplantation Act (S. 1668)

The United States Senate unanimously passed the Securing the U.S. Organ Procurement Transplantation Network (OPTN) Act (S. 1668), following House passage earlier this week, marking a new era for the United States transplant system.

American Society of Nephrology Celebrates the Re-Introduction of the Living Donor Protection Act

• The Living Donor Protection Act (LDPA) will remove barriers facing living donors.
• Approximately 90,000 adults and 1,100 children are on the kidney transplant waitlist.
• 12 American die every day while waiting for a kidney transplant.
• More than 37 million Americans are living with kidney diseases, including more than 800,000 with kidney failure.