Pituitary Reproductive Regulatory Factors, Mercury Levels, and More Featured in November 2021 Toxicological Sciences

In the November 2021 issue, Toxicological Science features leading toxicology research in areas such as biomarkers, carcinogenesis, and environmental toxicology.

Health Disparities and COVID-19, Toxicity of E-cigarette Generated Aerosols, and More Featured in February 2021 Toxicological Sciences

Toxicological Sciences continues to feature leading toxicology research in the areas of developmental and reproductive toxicology; endocrine toxicology; neurotoxicology; molecular, biochemical, and systems toxicology; and more.

Pervasive plastics increase exposure to harmful chemicals

The Endocrine Society and IPEN will release a comprehensive joint report Dec. 15 on endocrine-disrupting chemicals in plastics and the threat they pose to public health. Experts will share highlights from the report during a virtual news conference Dec. 15.