How parents feed kids is linked to emotional eating, University of Oregon study says

A team from the UO College of Education looked at the interplay between the way parents feed their children and emotional eating by parents and children, as well as the influence the parent’s gender has on that association. Their goal was to better understand how child emotional eating develops and inform interventions that aim to prevent such behaviors from becoming unhealthy.

Studies highlight ‘unprecedented and unique dangers’ for children during COVID-19

Two new studies investigating child maltreatment during the COVID-19 pandemic reveal “concerning results” that confirm warning signs seen early in the pandemic, according to researchers at UAB and the University of Michigan.

EXPERT PITCH: School counseling expert offers advice for managing children’s anxiety about the COVID-19 pandemic

The news cycle is dominated with stories about COVID-19’s rapid spread and far-reaching economic impacts, and children’s normal routines have been completely disrupted by the indefinite closure of schools. Though parents and caregivers may struggle to communicate with their children…