Pulmonary and neurological health effects associated with exposure to representative composite manufacturing emissions and corresponding alterations in circulating metabolite profiles

Abstract Cured-in-place pipe (CIPP) technology is increasingly being utilized to repair aging and damaged pipes, however, there are concerns associated with the public health hazards of emissions. CIPP installation involves the manufacture of a new plastic composite pipe at the…

Study First to Link Weed Killer Roundup® to Convulsions in Animals

A study is the first to link the use of the herbicide Roundup® to convulsions in animals. Glyphosate, the weed killer component in Roundup®, is the world’s most commonly used herbicide. Results showed that glyphosate and Roundup® increased seizure-like behavior in soil-dwelling roundworms and provides significant evidence that glyphosate targets GABA-A receptors. These communication points are essential for locomotion and are heavily involved in regulating sleep and mood in humans. What truly sets this research apart is that it was done at significantly less levels than recommended by the EPA and those used in past studies.