Netflix password sharing outrage can be explained by behavioral economics, says expert

By the end of March, Netflix plans to crack down on password sharing for U.S. subscribers. This announcement has been met by surprise, outrage, and confusion as consumers ponder how their Netflix accounts will be affected. Jadrian Wooten, a professor of economics at Virginia Tech, provides his perspective on the issue.

FAU-developed Video Compression Technology Receives Industry Recognition

Video compression technology enables streaming video applications from YouTube to Netflix to transmit high quality video. As video accounts for about 80 percent of all Internet traffic, better video compression is a prominent issue worldwide. Technology developed by FAU researchers, in partnership with research sponsor OP Solutions, LLC, promises to improve the process of streaming media. FAU and OP Solutions have announced that industry groups within the field have accepted university-developed intellectual property as part of the next generation video codec Versatile Video Coding (VVC).

Netflix Leaders to Deliver Opening Keynote at 30th Annual CFES Brilliant Pathways Global Conference

Few companies can speak to the importance of adopting change models to stay ahead of the curve better than Netflix. Two of its top executives will share strategies for how to apply this mindset to the field of education at the 30th CFES Brilliant Pathways Global Conference “Leading the Way: The New College and Career Readiness Paradigm.”

Corporate Employees Learn New Strategies for Helping Youth While Building Workforce of Tomorrow at CFES Brilliant Pathways Training

Corporations concerned with cultivating and recruiting the workforce of tomorrow due to the dramatic effects of COVID-19 on America’s youth are turning to CFES Brilliant Pathways for answers.

Film Professor Discusses COVID’s Effect on Streaming Habits

Nielsen’s Streaming Meter noted that Americans spent 142.5 billion cumulative minutes weekly streaming video in the second quarter of 2020, an increase of nearly 75 percent from the second quarter of 2019.

Aaron Daniel “AD” Annas, associate professor and director of Buffalo State College’s television and film arts (TFA) program, talks about this phenomenon and other aspects of streaming services, especially in light of the pandemic.

FAU Video Technology Inventions Acquired by Mitsubishi Electric Corporation

From YouTube to Netflix to Zoom, video compression technology is critical for streaming video applications to generate high-quality video. A novel, patent-pending video compression technology developed at FAU was recently acquired by Japanese industry giant Mitsubishi Electric Corporation. FAU’s research and development of enhanced video compression techniques are related to the new generation of video coding standard called “Versatile Video Coding” (VVC) or H. 266.

From Civil Rights to Diss Tracks: How Black Women Have Shaped U.S. Culture

In her new book, A Black Women’s History of the United States, co-authored by Daina Ramey Berry, Kali Nicole Gross explores black women’s history spanning more than 400 years and includes voices from the poor and working class as well as civil rights leaders, athletes and musicians.

As ‘Orange is the New Black’ Ends, UNLV Professor Explores How Conditions Have Changed for Incarcerated Women

The Litchfield Correctional Facility in upstate New York might be the fictitious background of Netflix’s hit series “Orange is the New Black.” But the stories of the inmates — portrayed by Hollywood actresses — could be easily found throughout real…