Protein Deficiency Impairs Muscle Clock, Mitochondrial Function in Muscular Dystrophy

Article title: Dystrophin deficiency disrupts muscle clock expression and mitochondrial quality control in mdx mice Authors: Justin P. Hardee, Marissa K. Caldow, Audrey S.M. Chan, Stuart K. Plenderleith, Jennifer Trieu, Rene Koopman, Gordon S. Lynch From the authors: “These findings suggest that…

Tissue Repair, Mitochondrial Function and Wound Healing Explored in 2021 APS President’s Symposium

Top researchers in physiology will present a three-part series exploring cellular regulation of mitochondrial function, tissue repair and wound healing. The APS President’s Symposium Series will be part of the APS annual meeting at Experimental Biology 2021, which will be held on a virtual platform April 27–30.