Mayo Clinic launches new technology platform ventures to revolutionize diagnostic medicine

Mayo Clinic announced a new technology platform initiative to deliver the next generation of clinical decision support tools, diagnostic insights and care recommendations to help clinicians make faster and more accurate diagnoses and provide truly continuous care to patients. The Remote Diagnostics and Management Platform (RDMP) connects data with innovative new artificial intelligence (AI) algorithms and augments human decision-making within existing clinical workflows. RDMP enables “event-driven medicine,” providing insights in the right context, at the right time.

Mayo Clinic and Safe Health Systems launch new health and connected diagnostics platform to lower costs and streamline access to care

Mayo Clinic and Safe Health Group, Inc. announced the formation of Safe Health Systems, Inc., a venture focused on reducing the cost of low-complexity care and commodity diagnostics at a mass scale. Through a propriety technology platform, SAFE, Safe Health Systems intends to improve access to efficient, affordable treatment for common medical conditions.

Mayo Clinic launches advanced care at home model of care

Mayo Clinic announced a new care model that will deliver innovative, comprehensive, and complex care to patients—all from the comfort of home via a new technology platform. Through advanced care at home, patients with conditions previously managed in a hospital will have the option to transition to a home setting and receive compassionate, high-quality virtual and in-person care and recovery services.