Microsoft features Case Western Reserve’s signature software for anatomy education at two online events

Case Western Reserve University’s HoloAnatomy® Software Suite will star this week in online events that Microsoft is hosting for colleges and universities– Tuesday, Jan. 26, in a webinar titled “A New Vision for Medical Education” and Wednesday, Jan. 27, in Microsoft’s HoloLens Industry Summit, which will include an education break-out session.

Global first in mixed-reality education during COVID-19 pandemic

The developers of Case Western Reserve University’s signature HoloAnatomy mixed-reality software for the Microsoft HoloLens knew they were likely achieving a global first this Spring when they quickly pivoted to the first-ever, all-remote anatomy course when the COVID-19 pandemic kept 185 first-year medical students from coming to campus.
Now, they have data reporting that an overwhelming majority of those students across the U.S. and Canada not only preferred the remote course, but believe they can effectively learn anatomy via the mixed-reality application.