Dr. David Winter shares how ongoing heat is causing illness.

David Winter, MD, at Baylor Scott & White Health, answers the most common patient questions and reacts to the latest medical research. Are we seeing more heat-related illness because of the ongoing extreme heat? (SOT@ :14, TRT :20) Cooler weather…

It’s Hot Outside, Stay Hydrated

This week, Carol Nwelue, MD, at Baylor Scott & White Health, answers common patient questions and reacts to the latest medical research. With temperatures increasing in the summer, what are some symptoms of dehydration? (SOT@ :14, TRT :19) What should…

As Summer Heats Up, CHOP Researchers Study Caregiver Attitudes Toward Pediatric Vehicular Heatstroke

Despite prevention efforts, a child dies of heatstroke in a vehicle approximately once every 10 days. According to a new survey, most caregivers report they never leave children in their vehicles for any length of time. However, the attitudes toward those who were thought to put their children at risk for pediatric vehicular heatstroke are largely negative, which may cause some caregivers not to adopt important mitigation efforts to prevent these tragic deaths.

Climate Change Threatens Military Readiness

The growing frequency and intensity of heat waves around the globe pose “a substantial, persistent ‘non-combat threat’” to military training and operations, according to experts in environmental, thermoregulatory and cardiovascular physiology.

Heat poses dangerous risk to people active outdoors, says WVU athletic training expert

Samantha Scarneo-Miller, who directs West Virginia University’s Master of Science in Athletic Training Program, provides tips that casual athletes—and even non-athletes—can steal from the field of athletic training to protect themselves against exertional heat stroke. She also explains why that protection is vital…