Female heart patients less likely to have additional problems fixed during surgery

Two studies led by Michigan Medicine find that female patients who undergo heart surgery are less likely to have secondary ailments corrected during a procedure — despite guidelines that indicate they should. Researchers say it adds to growing evidence that women are undertreated across the spectrum of cardiovasvular care.

Internationally Trained Female Oncologists Face Many Discrimination Challenges in the U.S.

ASCO: A new study highlights workplace discrimination reported by internationally trained female oncologists. Dr. Coral Olazagasti will present study findings that showed female oncologists reported much higher levels of gender or race/ethnicity-based discrimination than their male counterparts.

Women scientists transition from mentored to independent research grants at lower rates than men

The transition from mentored to independent research is an important career junction for medical researchers. A new Yale-led study finds that women researchers in the U.S. reach that point at lower rates than men. Researchers found between 1997 and 2021,…