Ochsner Health to integrate generative AI into patient messaging

A small group of Ochsner clinicians will participate in testing a new Epic feature that drafts responses to routine patient requests, which will then be reviewed and edited by the clinicians. The feature is meant to speed up app response time to patients and allows doctors to spend more time with patients.

Portrait of a Virus

• Researchers create a centralized electronic medical records tool to gather, monitor, analyze clinical trends in COVID-19 across multiple countries
• Proof-of-concept platform overcomes key hurdles of decentralized EMR systems
• Platform underscores the value of clinical record sharing in generating clinical insights, spotting trends to inform rapid response during pandemics

Doctors urge hospitals to become ‘artificial intelligence ready’

Disorganized efforts to implement artificial intelligence in hospitals could undermine the technology’s vast potential to benefit patients, the group warns.