Climate change may be culprit in Antarctic fish disease outbreak

Climate change might be behind an unusual disease outbreak among Antarctic fish. For about a decade, University of Oregon biologists John Postlethwait and Thomas Desvignes have been visiting the West Antarctic Peninsula. They study a unique group of fish that has adapted to the harsh polar environment. But on a 2018 field excursion, they noticed something especially strange: a large number of those fish were afflicted with grotesque skin tumors.

Pneumonia-like outbreak in China: Epidemiology expert can comment on re-emerging diseases, risk of larger spread

An expert on emerging and re-emerging diseases is available to comment on the pneumonia-like disease outbreak in Wuhan City in the Hubei province of China. Epidemiology professor Jennifer Horney can also discuss pharmaceutical and non-pharmaceutical interventions; risk of regional/ global spread; and…