Organization Launched, Executive Team Hired to Lead Binational San Diego-Tijuana World Design Capital 2024

Following a successful joint bid for World Design Capital 2024 (WDC 2024), the UC San Diego Design Lab (Design Lab), Design Forward Alliance (DFA), Burnham Center for Community Advancement (BCCA), city of San Diego (San Diego) and city of Tijuana (Tijuana), today announced the creation of a new, 501c3 organization to coordinate the binational initiative. The new organization, the San Diego-Tijuana World Design Capital 2024, also announced its executive leadership team, which will guide the nonprofit organization and provide oversight and direction for community involvement, planning, preparation and execution of the year-long 2024 World Design Capital initiative.

Lanzamiento público de la Organización, se contrata equipo ejecutivo para liderar la Capital Mundial del Diseño Binacional San Diego-Tijuana 2024

Dando seguimiento a la exitosa designación para La Capital Mundial del Diseño 2024 (WDC 2024), Encabezado por UC San Diego Design Lab (Laboratorio de Diseño), Design Forward Alliance (DFA), Burnham Center for Community Advancement (BCCA), Ciudad de San Diego (San Diego) y la Ciudad de Tijuana, el dia de hoy se anuncio la nueva organización 501c3 que se creo para poder llevar a cabo la iniciativa binacional. La nueva organización, Capital Mundial del Diseño 2024 de San Diego-Tijuana, también anuncio su equipo de liderazgo ejecutivo, que es el que guiará a la organización sin fines de lucro y brindará la supervisión y dirección para la gestión, planificación, preparación y ejecucción de la Capital Mundial del Diseño 2024 que se llevará a cabo durante todo el año.

The Award-Winning Squeezium and Rehabit — Incentive Games for the Elderly from Chula Architects

Two Chula architectural graduates have developed Squeezium and Rehabit innovations to provide an incentive for the elderly to get up and move to strengthen their bodies. As a nod to their creativity, the innovations received Gold Medal and Special Award at the 7th World Invention Innovation Contest, Korea Invention Academy (KIA).

Memorial Sloan Kettering Awards and Appointments

Memorial Sloan Kettering Cancer Center (MSK) announces its most recent awards and appointments for the institution’s physicians, scientists, nurses, and staff.

FDA Guidance Fails to Ensure Security of 3D-Printed Masks and PPE

New Brunswick, N.J. (Sept. 16, 2020) – FDA guidelines for making 3D-printed masks, face shields and other personal protective equipment (PPE) in the COVID-19 era fail to defend against cyberattacks, according to Rutgers and Georgia Tech engineers. Due to the…

Computer Vision Technology Helps Analyze Michigan Dam Collapse

New Brunswick, N.J. (June 26, 2020) – Rutgers engineers have created a 3D model of last month’s devastating break in the Edenville Dam in Michigan, using the emerging technology of computer vision to analyze a smartphone video posted on social…

Sculptor designs, builds ‘interactive contraptions’ from everyday materials to simulate human connections

Even in isolation, Stacey Holloway can hold a hand, receive a swift kiss on the cheek or give a high-five. She can offer a nose rub, just like the ones she shares with her mother. She just does them all alone — that is, if you don’t count the kinetic, prosthetic models she created to help.