Researchers Discover New Side Channel Attack on Low-End Phones

Georgia Tech researchers have recently discovered a new side channel attack that is effective on a wide range of low-end phones. All that’s needed for the attack to work is to place a sensor close to the phone, for example, under the coffee table where the phone is sitting. If the sensor bears witness to a single secure transaction, like a bank login, then the attacker can immediately break the user’s encryption and forge their digital signature.

Columbia Engineering Team Builds First Hacker-resistant Cloud Software System

Columbia Engineering researchers have developed SeKVM, the first system that guarantees–through a mathematical proof–the security of virtual machines in the cloud. “This is the first time that a real-world multiprocessor software system has been shown to be mathematically correct and secure,” said Computer Science Professor Jason Nieh. “This means that users’ data are correctly managed by software running in the cloud and are safe from security bugs and hackers.”

TikTok ban reasonable given the threat of Chinese surveillance

The House of Representatives voted this week to ban TikTok from government-issued devices amid concerns that the Chinese-owned social media company’s access to U.S. data poses a national security threat.   Sarah Kreps, professor of government at Cornell University, studies misinformation…