July 2023 Tip Sheet From Sylvester Comprehensive Cancer Center

A first-of-its kind drug for prostate cancer, an ancient retrovirus that may drive aggressive brain cancer, disparities in endometrial cancer rates among Black women, a new trial seeking answers for higher rates of aggressive prostate and breast cancer in Black men and women, and more are in this month’s tip sheet from Sylvester Comprehensive Cancer Center.

In preclinical study, Sylvester researchers target treatment-resistant prostate cancer with oral chemotherapy that works 2 ways

Researchers at Sylvester Comprehensive Cancer Center have developed a first-of-its-kind, orally administered drug to disrupt prostate cancer cells’ metabolism and deliver the chemotherapy agent cisplatin directly into treatment-resistant prostate cancer cells. The compound – Platin-L – works in two ways, breaking down a process that malignant prostate cancer cells use to fuel their growth, and delivering cisplatin directly into treatment-resistant cancer cells.

Pharmacologist: Cancer drug shortage is delaying lifesaving treatments

This year, an estimated 2 million Americans will be diagnosed with cancer. Now, a New York Institute of Technology pharmacology expert contends that these patients’ realities could grow increasingly harsher, as a monthslong shortage of chemotherapy drugs continues. Low supplies of…

NCCN Releases Statement Addressing Ongoing Chemotherapy Shortages; Shares Survey Results Finding More than 90% of Cancer Centers are Impacted

National Comprehensive Cancer Network’s Department of Policy and Advocacy calls on Federal Government, pharmaceutical industry, providers, and payers to work together on solutions, as 93% of cancer centers surveyed report a shortage of carboplatin and 70% report shortages for cisplatin; two medications that are used in combination to cure many types of cancer.

Chemotherapy Drug Increases Kidney Injury in Mouse Model of Lung Cancer

Article title: Lung cancer-kidney cross talk induces kidney injury, interstitial fibrosis, and enhances cisplatin-induced nephrotoxicity Authors: Andrew Orwick, Sophia M. Sears, Cierra N. Sharp, Mark A. Doll, Parag P. Shah, Levi J. Beverly, Leah J. Siskind From the authors: “This…