Cincinnati Children’s and University of Cincinnati Name New Chair of Pediatrics, Chief Medical Officer, Research Foundation Director

Tina L. Cheng, MD, MPH, will be the new chair of the Department of Pediatrics at the University of Cincinnati College of Medicine, the new chief medical officer at Cincinnati Children’s Hospital Medical Center, and director of the Cincinnati Children’s Research Foundation.

The Search for a Biological Link between Reactivated HSV and Neurological Disease

New research data in the journal PLoS Pathogens suggests that reactivated HSV in trigeminal nerves of laboratory mice kills off at least a portion of sensory neurons. The findings provide additional evidence that as humans get older, the long-term consequences of HSV infection in the nervous system can accumulate and cause neurological damage.

Scientists May Have a Way to Let Preemies Breathe Easier

The continuing epidemic of pre-term birth includes this stark reality: tiny, fragile babies are born with underdeveloped lungs and prone to lifelong respiratory infections and related chronic illnesses. Cincinnati Children’s researchers report in Immunology the discovery of a complex biological process could in the development of cost effective treatments to help babies develop lifelong pulmonary resistance to respiratory infections.

Scientists Find Molecular Key to Body Making Healthy T Cells

In a finding that could help lead to new therapies for immune diseases like multiple sclerosis and IBD, scientists report in the Journal of Experimental Medicine identifying a gene and family of proteins critical to the formation of mature and fully functioning T cells in the immune system.

AACN grants support clinical research to influence high-acuity and critical care nursing practice

Nurses are invited to apply for AACN research grants by Nov. 1, 2019, with total available funding of $160,000. Projects funded in 2019 address PICS, telemedicine, virtual reality for onboarding new nurses, and machine learning and pressure injuries.