Study Suggests that Smoother Silicone Breast Implants Reduce Severity of Immune System Reactions

According to researchers at Johns Hopkins Medicine, the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) and Rice University in Houston, silicone breast implants with a smoother surface design have less risk of producing inflammation and other immune system reactions than those with more roughly textured coatings. Results of the experiments using mice, rabbits and samples of human breast tissue advance knowledge of how the body responds to such implants, providing new information to physicians and affirming the benefits of certain smoother surfaces, the researchers say.

Houston Methodist using 3D technology, artificial intelligence and more in new breast cancer research studies

Trials include a model to create custom breast implants, a smarter method to recommend biopsy, a novel approach to preserve sensation in implant-based breast reconstruction, and a new clinical trial investigating a modified herpes virus as a tactic to trigger immune response.