The End of the Antitrust Case Against Facebook? Expert from Robert H. Smith School of Business available to discuss the ruling against the FTC and states.

David Kass, clinical professor of finance Kass has served as an economist in senior positions with the Federal Trade Commission, General Accounting Office, Department of Defense, and the Bureau of Economic Analysis. He also is active on Twitter (@DrDavidKass) and blogs about Warren Buffett,…

DOJ Case Against Google ‘May Be Just a Start’

As the Justice Department’s antitrust suit against Google parent Alphabet Inc. heads to a Friday (10/30) hearing in U.S. District Court, Maryland Smith’s Kislaya Prasad is available to expand on his comments, excerpted from DOJ and Google:  “Google’s search monopoly is too narrow,…

The new monopolies: reining in big tech

The University of Chicago Booth School of Business Stigler Center Committee on Digital Platforms today released its first report delivering eight policy recommendations on how to rein in Big Tech, including creating a new Digital Authority.
The independent and non-partisan Committee – composed of more than 30 highly-respected academics, policymakers, and experts – spent more than a year studying in-depth how digital platforms such as Google and Facebook impact our economy and antitrust laws, data protection, the political system and the news media industry.