Save-the-Date: Acoustics in Focus, June 8-10, Offers New Presentation Options

MELVILLE, N.Y., May 14, 2021 — The Acoustical Society of America will hold its 180th meeting June 8-10. To ensure the safety of attendees, volunteers, and ASA staff, the June meeting, “Acoustics in Focus,” will be hosted entirely online with new features to ensure an exciting experience for attendees.

Focused presentations will be prerecorded talks on specific topics followed by live discussion and interaction. Tutorial sessions will consist of invited speakers giving live, feature-length presentations, answering questions, and leading live discussions.

Panel discussion sessions will feature invited discussion leaders who can give live short presentations, answer questions, and lead discussions. Lightning round sessions will consist of a rapid sequence of live presentations with discussions following the talks.

Reporters are invited to attend the meeting at no cost (registration details below) and participate in a series of virtual press conferences featuring a selection of newsworthy research.

The virtual press conferences will include live Q&A’s with researchers and opportunities for interviews and will take place during the week of the meeting. Times and topics will be announced by early June. Journalists may register to attend any of the meeting sessions as well the press briefings.


  • 1pSP8 – A hydroacoustic approach to oil detection in ice covered water
  • 1pNS4 – Noise annoyance in dwellings during the first wave of COVID-19
  • 2aNS7 – Towards a new understanding of the concept of quietness
  • 2pSA1 – Moth wings are acoustic metamaterials
  • 3aNS8 – Personal audio system use can harm auditory health
  • 3pNS2 – Hearing disorders secondary to infection with SARS-CoV-2

More information on these and all other meeting sessions is available here.



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In the coming weeks, ASA’s Worldwide Press Room will be updated with additional tips on dozens of newsworthy stories and lay language papers, which are summaries of presentations written by scientists for a general audience and accompanied by photos, audio and video. You can visit the site during the meeting at


We will grant free registration for credentialed and professional freelance journalists who wish to attend the meeting sessions. If you are a reporter and would like to attend, contact the AIP Media Line at [email protected]. We can also help with setting up interviews and obtaining images, sound clips or background information.


Press briefings will be held virtually during the conference. Credentialed media can register in advance by emailing [email protected] and including your full name and affiliation in the message. The official schedule will be announced as soon as it is available, and registered attendees will be provided login information via email.


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