Rutgers Addiction Research Expert, Director of the Rutgers Addiction Research Center, Available to Comment on Dry January, Health Benefits and Steps for Success

Danielle Dick, Professor of Psychiatry at Rutgers Robert Wood Johnson Medical School and inaugural director of the Rutgers Addiction Research Center at the Rutgers Brain Health Institute, is available to speak on the benefits of joining the Dry January challenge and steps for success.

The following quote from Dick is available for pick-up: 

“Whether you are someone who wishes to cut down on your alcohol intake, or simply want to begin the new year with healthier habits, joining the month-long sobriety challenge called “Dry January” can have numerous benefits — even if it’s only for 30 days. For many people, drinking alcohol is cultural, social and even habitual — this is why it is important to consider if there are typical times when you drink and whether you can change that routine. To further set yourself up for success, eliminate temptation by removing any alcohol in your house and swap it out for non-alcoholic substitutes. And remember, if you slip up, don’t let that derail your entire month. Dry January is about curbing heavy drinking and establishing healthy habits for the future.”

Media interested in talking to Danielle Dick can contact Ricki Arvesen at [email protected]