How Little We Know: Experts Document the Lack of Research on Youth Firearm Injury

A national team of experts has published the largest-ever examination of the state of research on all aspects of youth firearm injury – whether intentional, unintentional or self-inflicted. The bottom-line conclusion: Far more research, and better research, is needed on children, teens and the prevention and aftermath of firearm injuries and deaths.

أعراض الاحتراق النفسي المرتبط بالتمييز العنصري لدى الأطباء المقيمين

مدينة روتشستر، مينيسوتا. — وجد باحثو Mayo Clinic علاقة بين زيادة أعراض الاحتراق النفسي وزيادة التمييز العنصري لدى الأطباء المقيمين. تظهر الدراسة في المجلة الطبية JAMA Network Open “شبكة مجلة الجمعية الطبية الأمريكية المفتوحة”.

Despite Treatment, Elderly Cancer Patients Have Worse Outcomes if HIV-Positive

Elderly cancer patients who are HIV-positive, particularly those with prostate and breast cancers, have worse outcomes compared to cancer patients in the same age range who do not have HIV. A Moffitt Cancer Center researcher, in collaboration with investigators at the National Cancer Institute, Duke University, and Johns Hopkins Bloomberg School of Public Health, took a closer look at the disparity, factoring in whether or not cancer treatment had an impact on outcomes among this patient population. Their findings were published today in JAMA Oncology.

Discovery of distinct lung cancer pathways may lead to more targeted treatments

Known for its poor prognosis, lung adenocarcinoma is the most common type of lung cancer, responsible for about 4 of 10 diagnoses, according to the National Cancer Institute. Researchers on Mayo Clinic’s Florida campus can now distinguish between two pathways where this deadly cancer can develop. They say their discovery could help future patients. The findings appear in Cancer Cell.

Babson Offers Two-Day Innovation Program for Companies

innovation flow
Babson Executive Education is launching a new open enrollment program as part of its capability in helping companies drive growth and innovation. The two-day overview — Building A Capability For Breakthrough Innovation — at Babson in October shows innovation leaders, innovation managers and their teams and organizational leaders how to build a capability for breakthrough innovation at a company.

next-generation cameras – dynamic vision sensors, or DVS, to interpret live information

ORNL story tips: Training next-generation sensors to “see,” interpret live data; 3D printing tungsten could protect fusion reactor components; detailed study estimated how much more, or less, energy U.S. residents might consume by 2050 based on seasonal weather shifts; astrophysicists used ORNL supercomputer to create highest-ever-resolution galactic wind simulations; new solar-thermal desalination method improves energy efficiency.

Case Western Reserve ‘spinout’ company, Convelo Therapeutics, partners with Genentech to develop medicines for neurological disorders

Convelo Therapeutics Inc., a Cleveland company based on the research findings of Paul Tesar and Drew Adams at the Case Western Reserve University School of Medicine, has entered into a strategic partnership with Genentech to develop new therapeutic drugs to repair damaged myelin insulation on nerve cells for patients suffering from neurological disorders such as multiple sclerosis.